A Technological Breakthrough for Pool Sanitation

November 6th, 2012

DEL Ozone has been the leading technology innovator for residential pool sanitation, and the new Solar Eclipse continues the tradition.

The Solar Eclipse is a small Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system that combines the oxidation power of ozone with the germicidal capability of low-pressure UV light to take pool sanitation to a new level.  The key to this system is that ozone and UV interact to generate hydroxyl free radicals, the most powerful disinfectant for water treatment that is safe for humans.

Advanced Oxidation Process

The definition of AOP is that a chemical reaction is initiated that generates hydroxyl free radicals (OH).  The OH is a highly unstable and unselective oxidizer: it instantly interacts with organic and inorganic substances to break them down.  This instantaneous disinfection process removes all contaminants from pool water with no harmful byproducts.   It’s the hydroxyl free radicals that make this small AOP system the most potent pool sanitation agent or process on the market.

Solar Eclipse Works with Standard Pool Equipment

The New Solar Eclipse

AOP systems are typically much larger and are used for industrial or municipal water treatment.  But with DEL Ozone’s new Advanced Plasma Gap ozone cells (patent pending) and top quality germicidal UV lamps from Trident Ultraviolet, DEL engineers were able to create a small, dependable unit that is designed to work with existing standard residential pool plumbing and mechanicals.

Pool professionals will find the installation of Solar Eclipse is familiar and straightforward.  It has two plumbing connections on the return line, and one power connection.

Where to Buy the Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse will ship in spring 2013.  At that time, DEL will have the system in retail distribution channels, with links from this website.  Mark your calendar.

For advance orders, please contact Dana Nelson, dnelson@delozone.com, or 800-676-1335 x232.

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