Ozone + Germicidal UV System

Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) for Residential Pools

DEL Ozone introduces the first AOP sanitation system designed specifically for residential pools. Ozone and Germicidal UV are integrated in one simple and compact unit providing the benefits of both technologies plus the advanced oxidative reaction known as AOP for optimal water clarity and increased removal of contaminants in the pool water.

About Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

The defining characteristic of AOP systems is the production of hydroxyl free radicals, the most powerful oxidizer available to disinfect pool water. The Solar Eclipse uses DEL’s proprietary corona discharge Plasma Gap Ozone Technology (patent pending) combined with high output, low-pressure germicidal UV lamps to make a potent AOP system small enough for residential pools.

Maximum Disinfection Synergy: O3 + UV -> AOP

The oxidation and disinfection potential of the Solar Eclipse is greater than the ozone and UV installed separately. This synergy is the power of AOP systems, and it is due to the fact that the ozone and UV work together in line to produce hydroxyl free radicals. The strong oxidation created by the Solar Eclipse results in much greater reduction of organic and inorganic substances in pool water than either ozone or UV alone, and certainly far more than chlorine.

Environmentally Safe – Reduced Chlorine Consumption

The Solar Eclipse produces no hazardous byproducts in pool water, even while it oxidizes microorganisms, waste and disinfection byproducts from other sources. It allows the lowest chlorine level (0.5 – 1.0 PPM) while maintaining better water quality.

Solar Eclipse is Simple to Install

The Solar Eclipse is easily installed on the return line of any new or existing residential pool with two simple unions, and utilizes 240 VAC. Its major impact will be to provide pool owners clean, healthy water within a simplified pool sanitation program.

Orders and Information about Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse is shipping now! To place an order contact Jeff Jones, (800) 676-1335 x 291 or email him at jjones[at]delozone.com. Or contact Dana Nelson (800) 676-1335 x232 for more information. 

The Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse enclosure houses the most sophisticated residential pool sanitation system available. Yet it easily connects to the pool plumbing with a simple inlet and outlet, and a single power feed. Even the inexperienced will find it easy to install.