Pool Water Quality from DEL Technology

DEL is the innovative technology leader in developing Advanced Sanitation Solutions. These solutions are built on the generation of ozone and its controlled injection to purify water or another substance. Ozone is nature’s powerful sanitation agent (see more about ozone and its beneficial oxidation process).

Swimming pool water quality is simply maintained by the installation of a DEL ozone generator, or ozonator, to inject ozone into the flow of water through the pool’s plumbing or return line. A properly sized and installed automatic pool ozone system can reduce the need for chemicals by 60 – 90%, saving both time and money.

The core of the DEL residential pool ozonator is the Corona Discharge (CD) electrode. This durable, highly reliable technology generates ozone by passing an electrical charge through one or more electrodes and forcing it into the pool plumbing or return line through an injector. The CD electrode supplants the UV ozone technology used in earlier ozonators, greatly increasing both the ozone output of the generator and its durability.

Pool Ozone Systems

Ozone is most effective in pools when the sanitation system is properly sized and installed. Pool ozone systems can be installed as either the primary sanitation system or as a secondary system to supplement an alternative sanitizer (see more on about how ozone interacts with alternatives in combination). Systems include several components and processes:

Ozone generator size: DEL ozonators are made to fit residential pools of 7,000 to 50,000 gallons when used as the primary sanitizer. It is possible to use multiple ozonators to generate enough ozone to sanitize larger pools. Ask DEL about your pool if you need a customized pool ozone system.

Ozone injection: Ozone is injected into the pool water only when the filtration system is running. The water motion passing the ozone injector has to be very turbulent to force the greatest amount of ozone to dissolve. DEL recommends Mazzei components to ensure the maximum mount of effective ozone.

Filtration / pump cycles: Since ozone injection depends on turbulent water, it only happens when the pump is running to create the water flow. DEL recommends having the pump run at least six hours per day – and more is better.

Continuous ozone injection: DEL’s Total Eclipse ozonators include a small built-in pump that runs quietly 24 hours per day independently of all other pool equipment. This continuous ozone injection in effect multiplies the effectiveness of a given size of ozonator. If a pool is equipped with a continuous circulation pump, an ozone generator can be installed on that line to achieve a similar effect.

Variable speed pumps: Energy concerns have led pool equipment manufacturers to develop pumps that can run a various speeds to minimize the amount of electricity used over a full day’s cycle. DEL’s ozonators can be installed with a specialized injector manifold that allows them to operate effectively at various pump speeds, allowing the ozone injection to happen at all pump speeds.  No other manufacturer offers this sanitation solution.

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